A Christian Horse - August 11, 2018
James Collins

And the four beasts said, Amen. And the four and twenty elders fell down and worshipped him that liveth for ever and ever. Revelation 5:14

Did you hear the story about the Christian horse? Years ago, a man named Elmer had a farm with a few horses. Elmer fancied himself to be a bit of a horse trader and trainer. One day, Elmer saw an ad in the newspaper that said, “Christian Horse for Sale.” Now, he had heard of Appaloosa horses; he had heard of Buckskin horses; he had heard of Palomino horses; and he had heard of Paint horses. Elmer had heard of just about every kind of horse breed, but he had never heard of a Christian horse. His curiosity was peaked, so he jumped in his truck and went over to the see the man who had the horse for sale.

The man took Elmer out to his barn and showed him the horse. Elmer said, “That’s not a Christian horse – that’s a beautiful Arabian horse.” The horse owner said, “You have to ride him to see why he is a Christian horse.” They saddled the horse and Elmer got on. He grabbed the reins and said, “Giddyap.” The horse ignored him. The horse’s owner said, “This is a Christian horse. If you want him to move, you have to say, ‘Praise the Lord!’” Elmer said, “Praise the Lord” and the horse started galloping. He pulled back on the reins and said “Whoa,” but the horse wouldn’t stop. “He won't answer to ‘Whoa,’ the owner yelled, ‘It's Amen.’” Elmer said, “Amen,” and the horse stopped.

Elmer decided that he liked the horse. He bought him and took him home. He saddled the horse up and said, “Praise the Lord.” As he was riding through the countryside, the horse saw a rattlesnake. The horse got scared and reared and started running very fast straight for a cliff. They were coming up on the cliff and Elmer knew that it was a fifty foot drop down to the river below. He screamed, “Whoa,” but the horse only ran faster. Elmer couldn’t remember what he was supposed to say to get the horse to stop. He tried one word after another. He screamed, “Glory. Hallelujah. Hosanna.” Elmer knew that if he couldn’t get that horse to stop that they both were going fifty foot down to the river below. Finally, he remembered the correct command and screamed “AMEN!!!!!” The horse stopped right at the edge of the cliff. Elmer was sitting there on the back of that horse looking over the edge of that cliff. He was so thrilled that his life had been saved that he raised his hands to the sky and shouted, “PRAISE THE LORD!”

The point is: The horse needed to hear Amen. ‘Amen,’ in Hebrew means ‘so be it’ or ‘yes,’ ‘I agree.’ I believe that Amen is a very important word. What is faith? Faith is to say ‘Amen’ to God. It is to say ‘yes’ to God, ‘yes’ to His promises, ‘yes’ to His Word, ‘yes’ to His love, ‘yes’ to His will, ‘yes’ to His purposes, and ‘yes’ to the calling on your life. Amen is to say ‘I agree’ with Your Word, Your will – and it will be so. You can only be saved by giving your ‘Amen’ to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your ‘Amen’ doesn’t stop when you get saved. You still have an ‘amen’ to give. If you want to grow, if you want to become strong in God, then strengthen your ‘amen.’ Give God a powerful ‘Amen,’ with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. Then watch the power of God move in your life. Amen? Amen!!!

James Collins is the Pastor of Fort Scott’s First Southern Baptist Church. He encourages you to take a promise from the Word of God and say ‘Amen,’ with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength.

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