He Is Still A Stupid Dog - September 15, 2018
James Collins

“Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.” Revelation 2:4

I own the stupidest dog in the world. His name is Socks. However, he thinks his name is Stupid. He thinks his name is Stupid because I’m always saying, “You are a stupid dog!” Socks is a miniature schnauzer. He is black, but his feet are white. That is why he is named Socks. Also, whenever I am putting on my shoes, he loves to run in and steal my socks. He grabs my socks in his mouth and runs and hides them under the couch. We had a double reason for naming him Socks.

Socks is stupid, but he loves me. It is unconditional love. I am the highlight of his day. When I get up in the morning, he jumps up and down. When I leave for work, he runs to the door. When I tell him that he can’t go, he droops his ears and gets a hang dog look. He whines and whimpers when I go out the door. When I get home, Socks greets me at the door. He barks, wags his tail, and jumps up and down. It is like he is saying to me, “Hold me. Pet me. Play with me.”

Socks loves me even when I get on to him. One time, he chewed up a computer cord. I said, “Socks, you are so stupid.” He just looked at me and wagged his tail. Another time, he ate my favorite ink pen. He ate it on the couch. Our couch now has a modern ink stain pattern. I screamed, “You stupid dog. Why did you do that?” I don’t know why I asked him that. It wasn’t like he could answer me. He just looked at me and wagged his tail. Then there was the time that I left a baloney and cheese sandwich on the table. Socks got in the chair and took my sandwich. I wanted to kill that dog. I yelled, “Socks you are stupid! Bad dog! Bad dog!” He just looked at me like he was smiling and wagged his tail.

Socks loves me. He loves his master. The highlight of his day is spending time with his master. Socks is so in love with his master that he wants to spend time at his master’s feet. He lives to be with his master. If you are a Christian; if you are a blood bought child of God; if you have been saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; then you should want to spend time with your Master.

In the Book of Revelation, Jesus speaks to the church in Ephesus. The Ephesian Church was an awesome church. If you read Revelation Chapter Two, you will see that the church of Ephesus was a dogmatic, dynamic, doctrinally sound church. However, the Lord tells this church that He was upset with them because they had lost their first love. What was their first love? It was Him. It was the Lord Jesus Christ. The Ephesian Church was so busy doing the work of the Lord that they forgot the Lord of the work.

Have you lost your first love? Has worship become dry or formal? Have you lost your hunger for the Word of God? Are you in a religious? Does your faith seem more like a ritual than a relationship? Are you more concerned about what others think than what God thinks? Do you tell Jesus every day how much you love Him? Do you long to spend time with the Master?

The point is: Sometimes people get so busy serving the Lord, that they lose their intimacy with the Lord. If you have lost your first love, it is not hopeless. Jesus is where He has always been. He is waiting for you to come back to Him. Come back to the Master today.

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