Instant Communication - April 28, 2018
James Collins

“For through him we both have access by one Spirit unto the Father.” Ephesians 2:18

When I am out of town, I can remotely access my computer files. I have a mobile device that allows me constant access to texts, instant messages, emails, the internet, social media, and phone calls. When I am overseas, I am able to access emails, talk on a satellite phone, and Skype with my wife and kids. A couple of years ago, I officiated a wedding at Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The wedding was in a chapel that was at an elevation of eight thousand feet and I was still able to make calls on my cell phone! These days even that doesn’t surprise us. We have become used to the technology that provides us with access to the rest of the world anytime, anywhere.

We live in the modern age of instant communication. In this modern age, the world is wired for miscommunication. Problems in communication occur frequently. For example, I am not familiar with text shorthand. Some shorthand is obvious. I quickly understood that LOL means “laugh out loud.” Some shorthand is more difficult. A friend and I were texting the other day. He asked me a question and I answered it. He then sent me a message that said, “TM.” I spent half the day trying to figure out what TM means. I did an internet search. TM is the stock exchange shorthand for the Toyota Motor Company. It is also the abbreviation for trademark. That didn’t seem to make sense. Was it Taco Momma? Tomato Mayonnaise? Tick Madness? Trust Me? Terribly Macho? I couldn’t figure it out. I finally asked my thirteen-year-old daughter. She told me that TM means “Thanks Much.” That makes more sense than Toe Mildew.

I have an even more difficult time with emojis. Emojis are those little smiley faces and pictures that people like to send in electronic messages. For the life of me, I can’t figure emojis out. I have a friend and she only communicates with emojis. She once sent me a message that was a picture of a smiley face, a rainbow, and a horse. I still don’t know how to decipher that message. Was she trying to tell me that I am a happy horse’s backside?

Instant communication is nothing new. It has been around since Adam. We have instant communication with God. It is called prayer. You can send a message to God anytime, anywhere. You can pray at home. You can pray at work. You can pray at school. You can pray at a restaurant. You can even pray while driving in your car. Although, I don’t recommend that you bow your head and close your eyes while you are driving.

God then communicates back to us in a variety of ways. He communicates to the still small voice inside of your soul. He communicates through circumstances. Most of the time, He communicates through His Word, the Holy Bible. If there is a problem with miscommunication, I guarantee you that it is not on God’s end. The problem could be unconfessed sin in our lives. The problem could be that we missed God’s answer in the business of our lives. The problem could be that we are in a religious ritual rut. Whatever the problem is, the miscommunication is our fault. But it can be corrected. Take it to the Lord in prayer.

The point is: We don’t have to wait in a line, enter a building, or wear nice clothes. We can pour out our hearts to the Lord anytime, anywhere. It is easy to lose the wonder of that because for some it has become so familiar.

Maybe prayer is not your thing. Maybe you are surprised anyone would talk to God. The door is open for everyone. God welcomes all who come by faith. Whoever you are, wherever you are, you have instant access to God by asking Jesus to be your Lord and Savior. We can enter His presence anytime, anywhere. Amazing!

James Collins is the pastor of Fort Scott's First Southern Baptist Church. He believes that God is amazing!

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