What Is That Smell? - May 19, 2018
James Collins

“Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” Proverbs 14:34

God has blessed wife and I with three wonderful children. But kids are like all other kids, they like to play. When kids play, they get a little sweaty. Sometimes they get a little pungent. Sometimes they smell bad. Sometimes they flat out stink. The other day, the kids had been playing and sweating all day. That evening, they got in my pickup truck. I got in the truck with them and there was a smell. There was an odor. There was a terrible stench. It about knocked me down. I thought that I might throw up. There was a smell in my truck that Febreze would not eliminate. There was a smell in my truck that 50 of those little green car trees would not take away. There was a smell in my truck that no amount of Glade Plugins would be able to cover up. There was a smell in truck that was awful.

I turned around and one of the boys had taken his sweaty, stinky shoes off. He was sitting there letting his feet air out. I will not say which boy it was because I don’t want to embarrass him. Besides, if you ask either one of them they will both blame it on the other. I looked at my son and said, “Son, do you smell that?” He looked at me and said, “Whhhaaatttt?????”

I have decided that when my kids are grown and the last one is out of the house, I am going to go over to each of their houses. I am going to open the refrigerator door and stand in front of it for 30 minutes. I am not going to take anything out of the refrigerator, I am just going to stand there and just look with my mouth open. I am going to walk through every room in their house and turn on all the lights. I am going to get in their pantry and eat an entire package of those vanilla Oreos. Then I am going to put the empty package back in the pantry for them to find later. I am going to take my clothes and drop them in the floor. Then I am just going to step over them like they are not even there. Finally, when my kids say, “Dad, why did you do that?” I’m going to say, “Whhhaaatttt?????”

Anyway, I said, “Son do you smell that?” He said, “Whhhaaatttt?????” I said, “You don’t smell that terrible smell?” He said, “No sir. I really don’t smell it. I have gone nose-blind. I guess I’ve gotten use to the smell.” When he said that, I thought, “That is what is wrong with America today. We have gone nose-blind. We have gotten use to the smell.”

The point is: America is not the country that it used to be. We have let so much moral decay creep into our society and it stinks. Unfortunately, we have gotten use to the smell. It stinks when the Boy Scouts of America have to change their values and their name and little boys can’t be boys that grow into men. It stinks when little babies are murdered and we call it a choice. It stinks when what God calls an abomination is called an alternative lifestyle. It stinks when states are passing laws that ban the sale and distribution of the Holy Bible. It stinks that forty-three percent of American children live without a father in the home. It stinks that American schools are less concerned with history, grammar, literature, and mathematics and are more concerned with politics, environmentalism, and sex. It stinks that in the last twenty years, there has been a surge in divorce, cohabitation, sexual promiscuity, perversion, teen pregnancy, abortions, child abuse, drug abuse, rape, cheating, shoplifting, embezzling, bankruptcy, incivility, and violent crime.

We need to wake up and smell the stink. For too long, the people of God have been silent while our country has become a cesspool. We need to return to the Judeo-Christian Values that our country was built upon. We need to return to biblical principles. We need to return to the Lord Jesus Christ. I just pray that it is not too late.

James Collins is the father of three wonderful childern. He loves them with all his heart, even though they sometimes stink.

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