Adult Sunday School


Sunday School....there's nothing quite like it. It brings back memories for many people. We can think back to when we were children, getting up early on Sunday morning and getting dressed up for church. Our parents may have taken us to church, carrying the big family Bible, or maybe the bus stopped by and picked us up. Either way, it was a time to get together with other friends, learn about God and the Bible, and come home feeling a little better. In fact, the whole week seemed to go better when we took the time to go to Sunday School. It's been an American tradition that goes back many centuries.

And yet, many people get older and think that they don't need Sunday School anymore. They think that they are too old, or too tired, or they just don't need it anymore. Their lives get more complicated and it seems like the only day to rest or get that work done around the house. It's easy to make excuses to miss church; it's not a habit anymore and seems like a chore.

Why not look back on those childhood days; those days when Sunday School was a part of your week? It was a habit, something you did because it was right and good. The day seemed brighter and you felt closer to friends and God after going to church.

Don't put it off any longer. Get up on this coming Sunday, get dressed, and make your way to Sunday School. It doesn't start until 9:45 AM, so you can still sleep in for a little while... You will enjoy the free coffee. The Bible study will calm your spirit, the fellowship will bring back the joy, and the presence of the Lord will help you through your week. You'll be so glad that you did the right thing.

What are you waiting for? See you in Sunday School! If you need a ride to Sunday School - Please call (620) 223-2986. All Ages Are Welcome!