Our Beliefs

The governing of this body of believers shall be carried out by the principles of the Baptist Faith and Message (2000).

  1. We believe the Bible is the authoritative, inerrant, inspired Word of God and is the one and only basis for our faith, practice, and discipline.
  2. Ordinances:
    1. Baptism
      1. Repentance and public profession of faith in Christ as personal savior shall precede baptism.
      2. Baptism shall be by immersion.
      3. Baptism shall be administered by authority of the church.
      4. Baptism is to be done in obedience to the Lord and is symbolic of the change that occurs in one's life when accepting Christ as Savior.
    2. Lord's Supper
      1. The Lord's Supper shall be prescribed by the Scriptures.
      2. The Lord's Supper shall be observed quarterly.